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Jerry Posner

Jerry Posner promotes practical ways for positive change through workshops, speeches and writings

His style: fun, memorable, engaging, never boring. He's experienced, flexible, entertaining, reliable - (and he just might bring his ukulele)

For businesses, organizations, and events ... with relevant content, workable wisdom and more fun than most audiences expect!

Every program is custom designed.
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Available in workshop, lecture or keynote speech formats...

Ways to Make ‘The Butterfly Effect’ Work For You

Small changes ... huge results!

One thought ... one choice ... one customer ... one kind word ... can make all the difference!

Can seemingly minor events in the present, result in significant destiny-changing (and business-changing) outcomes in the future? Can we stack the odds in our favor?

Jerry Posner will share some easy-to-apply, fun (and powerful) tools and techniques you can use right now, to set positive causes into motion … for the positive results you want at work ... and in life!

This all-purpose, practical and entertaining program will help attendees:
clarify and prioritize goals and objectives
change, create or modify habits
increase awareness of impact: in every relationship, business and personal
think ... before stressing out

Customer Loyalty
Easy Ways To Earn It ... Easy Ways To Lose It!

Tools, techniques and strategies to help attendees develop positive, long-lasting relationships with customers and clients -- (and who wouldn’t want that?)

It isn’t rocket science, but these practical reminders can make a huge positive difference to your business ... and your well being!

Without loyal fans and allies, we might be out of business!
Or ... we might have to spend a lot more time, money and effort to promote, market and advertise our business ... which, if we’re not making positive emotional connections with our customers, might be wasted effort anyway!

It seems to me that it’s potentially just as easy to create customer loyalty as it is to destroy it, and a lot more fun!

Unless you hate your job and you’re addicted to pessimism ... you’ll enjoy this program!
You’ll get some powerful, practical ideas that you can use right away to create valuable positive emotional connections with customers, clients and community.

Practicing the Practical Power of Appreciation
Expressing appreciation and "the attitude of gratitude" are practical and powerful ... when practiced!

This program can be geared to business and non-business events, conferences, retreats ... just about any occasion.

It's about practice ... practicality ... and transformative power!
Some topics include:

Keys to effective practice
The four F's (focus, frequency, feedback, fun)
Noticing the good stuff - selective perception and inattentional blindness.
The 'myelin sheath' theory
Making positive emotional connections - acts of kindness - making people feel good
Ways to express thanks, appreciation, gratitude ... and why
The 'Happiness Set-point' and some ways to raise it

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Workshops, seminars and keynotes for a wide variety of client businesses including hotels, banks, restaurants, retail, health care, real estate, non-profits, financial consultants, sales, manufacturing and membership organizations.



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