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Jerry Posner

Facilitator, Speaker, Training Specialist, Strategic Coach,       Team Builder, Motivational Copywriter.
Jerry’s ongoing mission is to educate, entertain and inspire audiences of all varieties to increase the likelihood of positive results in the areas of business and life that are important to them.
Not just great ideas, but how and why to apply them.

Serving a huge variety of client businesses—including hotels, banks, restaurants, insurance, information technology, retail, health care, real estate, non-profits, financial consultants, attorneys, sales, manufacturing and membership organizations.

If you’re interested in booking Jerry to:
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  • help your team improve service skills, communication skills, leadership skills…
  • entertain and inspire your audience …

The best thing to do is send Jerry an email to [email protected] and schedule a phone meeting. All programs are tailored for the right fit to your audience.

A Few of Jerry's Most Popular Programs

Available in workshop, lecture, or keynote speech formats



Personally and professionally, the ability to keep a positive mood is vitally important!  Understanding the science behind stress, frustration, anger and “losing your cool” can be life-changing!

This entertaining and very practical mini-workshop will help you understand stress-triggers and anger-triggers in others … and perhaps in yourself!  You’ll learn to use some tools, techniques and strategies for successfully “keeping your cool!”

Since “one size does not fit all” — you’ll be offered an “all-you-can-eat buffet” of relevant information, empowering practices and really good ideas!  Even just one good idea APPLIED, can make for meaningful improvements at work, home and in every relationship!


Topics Include:

• Good stress and bad stress.

• Why do people freak out?

• What to do when the pressure is on.

• The magic is in the pause!

• Managing your own stress responses.

• Basic neuroscience you need to know.

• How long does it take to make new habits?

• Cognitive appraisal and cognitive distortions.

• Don’t forget to breathe … deeply!


Easy Ways To Earn It … Easy Ways To Lose It!


A “positive, practical, painless” workshop to help your team develop authentic, long-lasting relationships with customers, clients and community. This workshop provides a “customer service tune-up” and practical, valuable reminders for a competitive edge in all sectors of the business community.

Without loyal fans and allies, we might be out of business! Or … we’d need to spend a lot more time, money and effort to promote, market and advertise our business—which, if we’re not making positive emotional connections with our customers, might be wasted effort anyway!

In this workshop you’ll get some proven, practical ideas that you can use right away to provide “absolutely outrageous customer service” and exceed your customers’ expectations. You’ll also learn some easy-to-apply techniques to help you successfully manage moods and stress, as you serve your customers, clients and community.


Topics Include:

  • Ways to create positive emotional connections and nurture a loyal fan base
  • One customer can make all the difference—”the power of one”
  • Emotions are contagious—what you need to know about positive psychology
  • Managing your stress before your stress manages you
  • Doing what you say you’ll do
  • Practicing the “Practical Power of Appreciation”
  • You’re not an order taker… you’re an experience maker
  • Evaluating feedback without becoming defensive
  • Learning to listen
  • Staying in touch—notes, phone calls, social networking
  • Cliché as it is, kindness is key
  • Providing the unexpected delight
  • Setting and keeping realistic goals for improvement


“Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘till its gone.”   Joni Mitchell

Is it possible and helpful to develop a “gratitude bias?”  

Clearly, life and work can be challenging.  Modern science suggests that a little extra focus on “the good stuff” can have significant positive results over time.  In this practical program, you’ll learn to use “grati-tools” (intentional gratitude practices) for increased happiness, decreased stress, improved relationships, and a more positive perspective … to help you navigate the sometimes choppy waters of life with greater ease!

An excellent fit for a staff meeting, retreat, orientation or employee appreciation event. Of course, this presentation can be customized to suit your specific needs (customer service focus, professional development focus, motivational entertainment focus, etc.)

Topics Include:

• Keys to effective practice.

• Selective perception and inattentional blindness

• The ‘happiness set-point’ – and ways to raise it

• Acknowledging those who help you, support you, love you

• Expressing appreciation.

• The practical power of the ‘gratitude journal’

• Ways to take a ‘gratitude break!’



“Predictability: Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil set off a Tornado in Texas?”  (title of a paper presented in 1972 by M.I.T. Professor of Meteorology, Edward Norton Lorenz)

In our business and in our lives, can seemingly insignificant decisions and events turn out to be the causal factors for significant, or even destiny-changing future outcomes? 

Are there practical ways to increase the likelihood of “good luck?”  Can “miracles” happen, and if so, how can you create a few of your own?

In this entertaining mini-workshop, you’ll explore some theories of “causes and effects,” and learn some practical, powerful tools and techniques to help you stack the odds in your favor for the positive outcomes you desire — at work … and in life!


Topics Include:

• Elements of Future Creation.

• The ‘Butterfly Effect’ and Chaos Theory.

• Outcomes = (Luck + Skills) X Actions

• Ways to increase ‘Good Luck.’

• Making the most of what you’ve got.

• Be careful what you wish for …

• Choosing appropriate goals.

• Set Your A.I.M. for optimal results.

• Eight daily “Miracle Making” reminders.


Having an experienced mentor (or coach, guide, helper, counselor) can make a huge positive difference in our professional and personal lives.  But if you don’t have a mentor available (or even if you do) there are many powerful D.I.Y. tools and strategies to help you identify and achieve your goals and objectives.

In this entertaining and content-rich program, you’ll learn some powerful techniques for clarifying goals (especially during times of transition), boosting confidence, staying focused and accessing the wisdom that you already possess, for the results you seek.

Some topics include:

• What is important to you now?

• Remembering your strengths.

• Creating or “shaping” the future you desire.

• Reviewing your core values and virtues.

• Focus phrases, mottos, positive triggers.

• Three helpful lists.

• Homework makes the difference! 

• Practice makes habits!

• Following your own best advice! 

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